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For THE King

Apologetic Poetry

  • A Son Worthy of the Inheritance

    A Son Worthy of the Inheritance

    The Spirit knows the Son is King-

    He knows the Father willed it.

    God is The Sovereign Dayspring:

    No one can stop Him.

    With divine Authority

    Justice comes.

    Without fear we would not know His Greatness.

    Without His Love, we would not know Him.

    Let me paint a scene:

    A dark void.

    Nothing is, or will ever be in this place,

    But the Spirit moves over

    The sea of potential

    And breathes over it….

    And it’s you,

    Infant in a womb,

    Red and yellow,

    Light shining through your eyelids,

    Painting blood vessels

    Against the sun.

    And you arrive

    In a stream of living water,

    Made perfect and fantastic

    In creation, a creation,

    And are greeted by smiling faces

    Loving you sacrificially,

    One by one.

    Earth is your dominion.

    You move by the grace of God.

    You witness bountiful beauty,

    Taste joy and ponder meaning,

    Alongside sin’s consequence

    And have the desire for eternal Goodness

    Resting in your heart.

    You are taught right from wrong

    And then given choices,

    And each response is wrong.

    You fail by nature,

    Sick at heart, flawed.

    You hurt others deeply,

    Lack remorse.

    You scream in swollen pride,

    You squander, make vile,

    And forget to count His Blessings.

    Deeply, you need mercy

    To survive any court of Judgment

    Held in the heart.

    Brother, me, too!

    Brother, let me help you,

    And you help me!

    Let us walk on these stormy seas

    To meet our Savior,

    Finally a Son worthy of the blessing!

    He was a lamb without sin-

    Unblotted by the curse.

    But He chose in knowledge

    “To give up this life

    So He could take it again,”

    Aware that this bloody ground

    Screams for justice!

    “For the glory set before Him,

    He endured the cross,

    Despising the shame!”


    For our forgiveness!

    His Father had promised freedom to a multitude,

    Enslaved to darkness,

    But it required His Word to spread:

    The Word was an eternal tree

    And the Seeds fell into the Wind,

    Tossed into the future-

    He died for His Message,

    For good news given

    To a world of tragedy.

    Who do we repent to?

    The Father, The Creator.

    How do we know Him?

    His Son, His Word, His King.

    What Wind could carry

    The rejuvenating Seed

    Into my wicked and sick soul?

    His Spirit hovering over the deep.

    Jesus was God’s Son-

    Sent purposefully.

    He is the Promised King

    Of the Future blessing!

    He came to this world

    And spoke things no one ever said,

    And when The Father said,

    “Son, you must suffer and die,

    But you know why,”

    The Son of Man wept

    Because He did not deserve

    A Good Father’s wrath-

    He did not want to die

    A sinner’s death.

    Jesus chose to obey, to trust,

    And His Love for the Father

    And for us

    “Covered a multitude of sins”

    For those who seek His Forgiveness!

    His death

    Opened the door to Life-

    He was the first to enter!

    “Open the Gates

    So the King of Glory

    May enter in!”

    Son of Peace!

    Prince of Life!

    God gave everything to be inherited to His Son!

    And part of the inheritance is a People of God!

    The Creator of all we know

    And know by,

    Sent a letter by His Son

    Showing us where a narrow gate

    Can be found,

    A servant’s door

    We are allowed to enter

    By grace and faith alone!

    Jesus, Decided King,

    Said, “It is finished!”

    We do not get to decide

    What Is,

    For we are in a state of becoming.

    But we are welcomed by God

    To join what Is-

    And let the seed of this Word

    This knowledge

    Be watered.

    Let His Light shine upon It

    As His Son shines on the Throne!

    Let His Breath bring us to Life,

    His Spirit given

    Abundantly for us!

    Be saved!

    Take His Flesh,

    Read the Bread-

    Be saved!

    Do not hesitate,

    Act in faith-

    Be saved!

    Let Living Water pour upon you,

    Cleanse the filth of yesterday.

    Let Rivers overflow You

    From the Throne of His Tomorrow!

    Blessed King,

    My only Assurance!

    Eternal Seed, Son of Man,

    Laid down His life

    And took it once more,

    So you would know

    He is the way, the truth, and the life:

    He Speaks to you Sovereign,

    As only a King might:

    His Name means Salvation:


  • You Make Temples

    You Make Temples

    Finishing another year

    Floating, not flying,

    The current is my alibi,

    But a poor excuse

    For a grateful child of God

    Who is obliged to obey

    And pave a way for the Good News.

    What have I done?

    Not enough, never enough-

    The Good News is it is His Grace

    That condescends to me.

    My works do not reach very far,

    My sins build a bigger pyre.

    But I can’t shake the pain

    Every day

    That I don’t deserve You-

    That I will always fail-

    Lord, forgive my unbelief,

    You can tear these thorns down

    And make my heart a temple.

  • A Life’s Moment

    Capture the moment in a mason jar

    And place it on a shelf

    And the moment will still be destroyed.

    We run in circles,

    Spiraling inward and downward

    Until we lay in the grave

    And wait for God.

    These moments are an illusion.

    We can get lost in them,

    And drown in them-

    Never aware of what is beyond

    This oppressive meter by which our days are measured.

    We live for the next minute,

    Next high, next pleasure

    But they all are gone too.

  • God is a Person

    God is a Person

    Cold is lack of heat-

    God is described as fire.

    Death is lack of life-

    Death is the opposite of God’s Presence.

    God is not a duality,

    As in




    He is.

    His heat dispels the lack of warmth.

    He has no equal and opposite force.

    It is only Him or nothing,

    Energy or stillness,

    Life or death.

    His Spirit hovers over the waters,

    Gazing on potential.

    The darkness does not know Him

    Because nothing is seen there.

    Darkness does not seek Light,

    Or it would cease to be-

    The inferior does not enter His Presence,

    It does not know what it cannot see.

    But Light reaches out to the dark.

    Death cannot become Life

    Unless He Says so.

    His Word becomes, it is:

    Set in stone.

    We simply wait,

    Aware or not,

    Despite what we think or feel,

    For Him To Do Something.

    He brings forth water from stone

    Nourishing the dry ground

    Bringing Life to the seed

    With the Light of His Word.

    He is the manna brought forth

    From well-watered soil.

    Why should He condescend

    To fit our ignorant opinions

    Of the way this all should be?

    He is a Person,

    And we are

    Stones without Water-

    Seeds without Light.

  • Most Desirable King

    Most Desirable King

    I rose before the sun

    And read the word in that old book-

    Ancient of Days,

    Revealed between its pages.

    I wondered:

    Who made me?

    The clay beneath me, in me?

    Who is the Spirit

    That lifts creation to consciousness?

    Who makes in me a thing that never was before?

    Who calls nothing to be something,

    Makes my soul long for meaning

    When I could have remained

    As formless dust?

    I did not want to wonder:

    Who am I?

    Cut corners, shredded pages,

    A wound in hearts-

    Weighted dice forever not in my favor,

    I cast them to cheat, losing.

    Vanity like vapor,

    Smoke of my own pyre.

    I used to run from Him

    On broken glass from shattered communion-

    Forever, without Him, was my greatest mistake:

    My own pride with no evidence

    Of the greatness I swore by.

    I sat on a grass throne:

    A dying god with no crown,

    Soon to be ash.

    God, my LORD, I wonder:

    You tore down my throne!

    Before it burned me alive forever!

    You are the good Father

    Who forgives and makes right

    The things I have broken.

    Good Shepherd, shepherd me!

    Make me like You:

    No longer the dust,

    But a brother of the King!

    You are the Heart of Meaning:

    Your glory shines forth

    And burns my throne,

    But I’m not on it!

    I never longed for a King

    Until I knew You-

    A True King, over all,

    Divine imperative:

    You make my ashes


  • Destiny’s Smoke

    Destiny’s Smoke

    He sits alone in a dim room,

    Smell of a morning hit lingering,

    Cigarette burning, almost gone-

    Leaning back in a worn chair,

    He stares at space, eyes red and empty,

    Contemplating the shadows

    Of ghosts of meaning.

    ‘The Last Mile of Destiny’ plays,

    Chords chiming, thoughts not rhyming.

    A silhouette of a god dying,

    Churning his thoughts to ash.

    Last mile beckons us all

    To God’s reckoning.

    But we play with the dark,

    Fathom illusions beyond this gray part,

    Think that the truth is found inside,

    Even as nothing good comes out

    Of the black intentions at our heart.

    If destiny had a name, she would be Loveless and Reckless.

    Throwing purpose in our face,

    But the purpose tastes

    Like his tray full of ashes.

    The would-be zealots of personal destiny

    Pine away in suffocating rooms

    For terrible gods just like them.

    He finds none.

    The abyss plays tricks,

    Shadows twisting to the forms

    His mind makes.

    Smoke can look like meaning

    When first breathed

    Drifting upward gracefully-

    But vapor burns away in the Light of God,

    The Day Spring dawning on the pit

    Of the human soul,

    And finding it wanting.

  • Sanctified Creep

    Sanctified Creep

    I crawl onto the shore.

    Here I am, unexpected, as something from More.

    I tumble across the sands of time,

    Gain stride,

    Start to run.

    I will chase You,


    I will seek You,

    Who You Are

    Before I was.

    Heaven is only sanctified

    Because of the Throne

    Of His Word.

    I am only reborn

    By the Power

    Of Gracious Salvation.

    He speaks and it Is,

    More immovable then

    Mountains standing

    Beyond and before

    The length of my numbered days.

    And He says I am a creep,

    Now sanctified.

    Putting to death the old man-

    He, making something new,

    Beauty out of dust and decay.

    My future not a tomb,

    But a safe mountain!

    My decisions not doomed,

    But I am sealed and waiting

    For King Yehoshua!

    Salvation! Salvation!

  • Restored By God

    Restored By God

    As I surface, I forget to breath.

    Backwards and forwards, never progressing,
    Smashed between compromises,
    Not expected to build or get better,
    Just expected to move
    So they know I’m still alive.
    How strong are these walls?
    Are they holding back the flood
    Or do they let the slivers in?
    Cut glass oceans that I could be speared beneath.

    I am nothing anyways.
    Only a vapor above the depths.
    I melt away, once I touch the ocean-
    But the movement makes me think I’m something.
    A whole life amounts to nothing
    Without the Giver of Significance,
    As everything stays as nothing
    Without the Giver of Something.
    My life is a drop pulled up from an ocean
    And pulled down again,
    Only God can make me weightless,
    I am a shadow drifting,
    I am the wind in the open door,
    I am gone, gone-

    Time is not slacking,
    Its pace is tracking dirt everywhere,
    Leaving mountains ground up in the ocean,
    Your power moving and ancient as nothing else can be.

    And here I am, slacking,
    Covering distance in a circle,
    Studying every broken piece that didn’t fit,
    Every crowded day full of shit,
    Every clouded haze,
    Every carnal craze-

    I’m tired
    And backwards.
    I’ll pull my insides out
    Through my teeth
    And spit the corruption out.
    God will put me back on my feet
    As I say I’m sorry.